Friday, January 12, 2007

The Homicide Rapper - Money In Da Bank (Kobra Kai Records)

A while back, this dude who goes by the name of The Homicide Rapper asked to meet up with me to give me a copy of his CD. That was a few months ago, and for a while I wasn't sure if I was gonna post anything about it, mainly because the CD is scratched or fucked up or something, and everytime I tried to play it my computer would make all sorts of horrible noises like it was going to die and generally scared the hell out of me and made me eject the disc. So I've only really been able to listen to about two-thirds of it and convert about half of the tracks into mp3s on my computer. Plus my copy didn't come with a tracklist and it's a lot harder to write about an album without song titles. But I kinda revisited the CD after I did the The Government Names 2006 Baltimore Hip Hop Poll and another CD by The Homicide Rapper, Sweet Dreamz, which I haven't heard, got a whole lot of votes and came in at #1 on the poll. There's another dude on his label, Kobra Kai Records, named NC-17, and I've got his new album and should be writing about that sometime soon.

The Homicide Rapper - Track 7 (mp3)
Probably my favorite song, great beat.

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