Friday, August 11, 2006

Profound and Ogun - Oil And Water 2 (DJ Radio/Streetsweepers/Real on Purpose Entertainment)

For as long as Ogun's been a champion of the Baltimore hip hop movement, Profound's been part of the Real On Purpose label and making moves alongside him. But as far as I know Profound hasn't put out a solo project, and never seemed to get as much exposure as Ogun or even Ammo. But whenever they do shows I always noticed Profound coming through with hot verses and a lot of energy. This is Ogun and Profound's 2nd joint release, but I never heard the first Oil And Water. They're only on 3 tracks together, so it's really a back and forth kinda thing, with guest appearances by Skarr Akbar and EJ, and "Bmore Shit" and "Truth Serum" are bonus tracks on here at the end. Also check out that Gritty Gang mixtape and Ogun's show at the Yabba Pot tonight. I won't be able to check out the show because I'm going to the beach, but it looks like a good bill.

Profound - "The Other Day" (mp3)
Lot of industry beats on here, but this is one of the best original songs, produced by Ms. Tris Beats.

Ogun - "I Can't Go On This Way" Freestyle (mp3)
Good beat choice, my favorite cut off the last Beanie Sigel album, and Ogun as always at his best when he's real passionate and autobiographical in his lyrics.

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