Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ogun, Tim Trees, Little Clayway, Comp, Mullyman and ShellBe RAW - "BMore Shit" (mp3)
Ever since Busta dropped "New York Shit," people in every city have been putting their own hometown twist on the song, and I'm glad Ogun stepped up to put together a ridiculous all-star lineup for the occasion. They played it on Rap Attack this week, so keep callin' 92Q and gettin' this played on the radio.

Ogun - "Truth Serum" (mp3)
Here's some other new shit from Ogun, on a real controversial tip, a diss track about show promoter P-Funk. Some of you know the story already, some of you might not, I never really spoke on it here aside from mentioning the conflict between C Love and P-Funk and her leaving or being kicked out of Style Warz. But basically Ogun got involved in the conflict, and was then accused of assaulting P-Funk's wife and was arrested, and he even got banned from several local venues, besides just the one where the supposed incident occurred. And Ogun took it to court and defended himself and beat the case, so I'm happy for him that he got through that mess and was proven innocent, the whole thing sounded fishy from the start. C Love posted a message from Ogun recently that explained a lot of this stuff. And now he's taking the beef on record to tell his side of the story. I went to the last Style Warz to check out Mully's show, and there were some good battles but it really wasn't the same vibe as it used to be, a lot less familiar faces up in the place. It's a shame shit went down like that.

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AL.......you've done it once again. Thanks for keeping the people updates on B-More HipHop, you are truly essential to this budding scene.

Don't ever think you are not appreciated!
Yo that truth serum is crazy as hell! Damn Damn Damn!
Those songs are fire!-Kenneth
Yo the truth is really coming in Ogun's Truth Serum! A descendant of Willie Lynch!!
Not saying Ogun is a descendant of Willie Lynch but the person he's talking about real serious!!!
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