Thursday, August 17, 2006

DK - King Me (730 Commission/Babygrande/Streetsweepers)

This mixtape has been out for a few months but my review of it just ran in the City Paper this week. DK is from West Bmore, and is signed to Baby Grande Records as a solo artist and has an album called Words Of Art due out later this year. In the past I've posted his appearances on Purple City's albums (I didn't realize it at the time but "Part Of History" was produced by One Up, Bossman's production team), and recently I got some e-mails from DK himself letting me know what's up with him. Even though he's kind of running with a New York crew, he definitely shows love for the whole Bmore scene, and he shouts out Bossman, Backland and Comp on "Classic Shit." Nobody Smiling and ran interviews with DK recently, and King Me is featured in the current issue of The Source (w/ Ice Cube on the cover) in the Tale Of The Tape column. This is definitely one of the best CD's I've heard from a Baltimore artist this year and I'm looking forward to the album.

DK - "The Corner" (mp3)
Nice laid back track, one of my favorites.

DK - "Observing The Night" (mp3)
This was supposedly recorded when DK was 17, I guess around the time he had his deal with Jay-Z, but it's really as good or better than everything else on here. It doesn't even sound dated aside from having that Timbaland-style drum sound.

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