Monday, April 10, 2006

UnReal - Real Talk Volume 1 (UnReality Entertainment)

I first started checking for UnReal because of "Jezebel," in my opinion one of the best tracks on Hamsterdam, and since then, he's been hitting the Baltimore mixtape circuit pretty hard with appearances on recent editions of Harm City, Street Radio and On Da Grind. This mixtape is actually a few months old, but it took me a while to finally meet up with UnReal and HoneGrynEyz and got some CDs from them recently, including some hot new singles he's trying to get out there. So if any DJs want radio mixes of his latest tracks, hit him up on the website. His next solo mixtape, Dat Boyz A Problem is already done and coming out soon, so look out for that. Right now I'm just catching up on his old shit. I compared him to Styles P. before, but the more I listen to him, sometimes he actually reminds me of Mullyman, which makes me wonder if they're just from the same part of the city and the accent is the main similarity. And all 6 of the freestyles on here are over beats from Jay-Z songs, so I guess that's a real obvious influence right there.

UnReal - "That's UnReal" (mp3)
Last track on the tape, one of those nice low key head-nodders, UnReal playing off his own name in a cool way in the hook.

UnReal f/ D.O.G. - "Thug Or Scrub" (mp3)
This is a pretty cool collab, two of the most promising local MCs of the moment getting on a track together.

Whats funny is that ive been working on an Unreal review myself...LOL! Life's been so crazy I haven't had the chance to do him justice. I may have to wait a lil while before I drop mine now. Ima let this one marinate for a few. Unreal is a real talent! You posted great songs!

Also to al...I have got to get you a copy of this CD by this guy Yung Gist! The CD is called "Baltimore's Son". I wouldn't be surprised if he jas already contacted you. He's in college (Philly), but reppin Bmore.
yeah, I got the Yung Gist CD, there's a post about that coming in a couple days.
i like that track wit D.O.G. man!!!!
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