Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bosslady presents On Da Grind, Vol. 3 (House Of Platinum Records)

Bosslady has been making serious moves in Baltimore for a while now, putting on shows like Tipsy Tuesdays and running her own label, and she says she's gonna keep doing these On Da Grind compilations until there's a hundred of them. Go and buy one of these from her for $5, it's a good deal for a lot of music.

Verb - "Get Em Verb" (mp3)
Verb is the dude from Dirty Hartz that was on 106 & Park last month and definitely one of the most talented freestylers in Baltimore. This "Get Em Girls" flow is kind of his theme song, there's some good footage of him performing it on the Tyree Colion DVD.

UnReal - "Luv Me" (mp3)
I don't know much about UnReal, but he's been really grabbing my attention lately with his tracks on this and the Hamsterdam and Street Radio mixtapes. Top Secret Productions gave him a good introspective vibe with the Elton John sample on this.

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yo! wzup, this is UnReal. Homey I really appreciate the luv. Its cool to know when all your hard work is appreciated. For real though I got lots of material for you to check out, just hit me up via email: bc@unrealityent.com
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