Saturday, January 07, 2006

Most Anticipated Baltimore Albums/Mixtapes of 2006 (in alphabetical order)

Amadaye - Ghetto Soul
Bornking - Bornified King
Bosslady presents B-More State Of Grind
Bossman - Law & Order (Virgin version)
B. Rich - Born Rich
Comp - My Thoughts
Darkroom Productions - Hamsterdam 2: The Re-Up
Diablo - Shop Closed
DJ 5Starr - 5Starr's Way Vol. 2
D.O.G. - Champagne Dreams
Henny Black - Black Diamonds
John Boe - Before The Storm, Vol. 3
Little Clayway - Still Moving Independently
Skarr Akbar - Da Beautiful Mind
Sonny Brown - The Ginger Bread Man
Street Legal Entertainment - Fla Fla - Sparrow The Movement
Tim Trees - Wayne Jones: The Business
Unreal - Real Talk, Volume 2

Obviously there's gonna be a lot more people dropping new CDs this year, I just listed the ones I know the titles of (I was gonna list the Diablo album but I forgot the title). If anyone has solid release dates or wants me to list anything I left out, lemme know. I'm about to go on vacation, so no new posts for about a week.

1/8/06 EDIT: added some more that people posted in the comments section. Keep 'em coming, I'll add them when I get a chance.

1/15/06 EDIT: added a few more.

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I can't wait for these albums to drop. Since Comp isn't with Def Jam anymore what label is he doing the album on. Is he going to be on a major label or the independent route?
yeah, I really don't know. might not even still be the same title, that's just the title he told me when I interviewed him over a year ago.
Yo there's another group in Bmore I'm anticipated about JI-900 they are dope I can't for these guys to drop! I was listening to their tracks on!
Diablo's album is called "Shop Closed"
Sonny Browns mixtape "THE GINGER BREAD MAN...catch me if you can" is going to be the mixtape of the year in my opinion.. he has AHK hosting it like how the DJ from the movie warriors was navigating the gang in New York toget back to Coney Island... So far it's almost complete... he has DJ2mello cutting the album up with Exclusives freestyles from Lil Wayne and alot of oter well known artistin the came that he respescts.... check out some of the joints on
Cuurently available from Street Legal Entertainment -"Hood Therapy" by PX(Parts Unknown). Coming this summer from Street Legal Entertaiment- Fla Fla- "Sparrow the Movement" is back!!

Street Legal - home of Urban Blues Hip Hop!
STICK-N-MOVE ENTERTAINMENT "BMORE WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM VOL1" feat Max Mill, Rell Ruger in streets now

Rell Ruger solo album in 06
da Blackout Ent. presents Henny Black "Straight No Chaser vol.1" the mixtape Feb.14 '06. Henny Black's album "BLACK DIAMONDS" is set to drop Aug. '06. for more info visit
Check for Top Of The World Records LLC artists, Amadaye. His album entilted "Ghetto Soul" will be out this year.

Also check for other Top Of The World Artists Swan Grace, Finny, and the ARS KATS.
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