Sunday, September 26, 2004

The City Paper's Best of Baltimore issue honored several Gov't Names favorites this year, including K-Swift (Best Club Music DJ), Comp (Best MC), 92Q (Best Radio Station), Bossman (Best Local Summer Jam) and Paula Campbell (Best Local Ambassador To The Mainstream). There was also a Best Mixtape category, and I don't even have any locally produced mixtapes, so I need to get on that shit. I've also heard that Comp is about to drop his first mixtape.

The craziest sign of Paula Campbell's regional hugeness, though, is that she did a radio ad for Shoe City. The old Shoe City ads, that have been on local TV and radio forever, probably at least since the late 90's, if not the mid 90's, feature this random girl rapping about Shoe City, ending with the classic line "your city/is my city/and my city/is Shoe City". There hasn't been a new version of this ad for at least 5 years. But Paula's on it now, singing her own jingle. She also shot a video for "Take You Home" a few months ago, but I haven't heard anything else about it since. Maybe she can get it on BET Uncut!

EDIT: I was down in Takoma Park today and WKYS was running an ad for their back to school concert that had Paula on the bill and referred to her as "D.C.'s own Paula Campbell". Fucking Washingtonians trying to claim her as their own! Actually, I think the high school she went to is closer to D.C. than Baltimore but still, fuck D.C. She reps Baltimore.

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Paula was supposed to show up for the CP Best of Baltimore party. She didn't, though.
FUCK Baltimore! Bamas! If a DC radio station said "DC's own Paula Campbell" they were probably just trying to help the girls career.
People saying fuck Baltimore Bamas need to watch there mouth. Paula is a Baltimore Ryder and she is bout to blow the fuck up. I live in Los Angeles and she is tight.
Fuck ne body hating on B-more.We bout getting money.BodyMore MurdaLand 4 eva.
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