Sunday, November 29, 2009

AK Slaughter - A Personal Matter EP

AK Slaughter is a rap duo, comprised of Emily Slaughter and Aran Keating, that I first learned of last year when they released this, their debut EP, and Raven Baker wrote a City Paper feature about them. But I didn't really get a chance to hear their music, outside of their contributions to the Height With Friends album, until this summer when I saw them at the Baltimore All-Rap Round Robin show, where they really stood out as one of the most entertaining acts. And more recently, someone from their camp reached out to send me this EP and their new mixtape, so it's cool to finally get more acquainted with their music, which is kind of openly comedic and playful (3 of the 8 tracks on here are skits), with a lot of battle of the sexes trash talking bouncing off of the whole boy/girl dynamic of the group. And of course, the way they combined their names to make the group name sound kinda gangsta is funny as hell. It's a little over the top and obnoxiously cutesy for my taste at times, but at the same time I respect that they're in their own lane and doing what they do pretty well.

AK Slaughter - "Tomorrow" (mp3)
This track cracked me up, definitely convinced me that Emily Slaughter needs to be added to the growing list of dope female rappers in Baltimore.

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this is fun! i like these guys! ideas ideas!!!
Beat Hard

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