Monday, August 22, 2005

DJ Chris J. - Club Mix Volume #16

K-Swift's recently redesigned website has a bunch of stuff on it, a clip of her appearance on Rap City, finally some of her newer mixes on sale (including Vol. 6), and DJ Chris J.'s CDs, although not his newest ones. The most recent one there is #11, pictured above, but I'm talking about #16, which has the address of the store I got it at (Dimensions In Music on Park Ave.) printed on the front cover, burned on the same kind of blue and silver Hewlett-Packard blank that Plum Drank sent me mixes on with "#16" written on it in black marker. Chris J. ain't the greatest club DJ, mumbles on the intro/outro when you're expecting some shouting to match the volume and excitement of the music, and his beatmatching skills are a little shaky, sometimes the transitions get messy, but a couple times the rhythms pile up in a kinda cool unique way. Chris J.'s own club versions of "Slow Down" and "Hollaback Girl" shuffled in with some staples of everyone else's recent mixes, plus a few serious joints that I hadn't heard anywhere else.

Blaq Starr - "Get My Gun Pt. 2"
I already posted the original months ago, but I got a request for it, so here's the slightly different sequel, mixed into Chris J.'s "That's My Shit".

Blaq Starr - "Stop"
More BS because I haven't heard K-Swift or any other DJs spin this one yet and it's so fucking sick! Blaq Starr is taking club music on some creepy gothic shit (mixed into Rod Lee's "Get Right" rmx).

DJ Technics - "We Party"
Totally unjustly buried at the end of the CD. Decent hiccupy sample of 50 hook and dinky cowbell from Young Buck's "Let Me In", but what does it for me is the spangly old school house music synth that comes in halfway through.

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