Thursday, June 02, 2005

Rod Lee - Vol. 5: The Official

The latest in the series of Club Kingz Records mix CDs that Rod started back in 2000 with Operation: Start-Up, some of the best Baltimore club music of the moment mixed by the king, the legend of this shit. The big difference this time is that this is on Morphius Urban, an arm of the Baltimore-based indie distro Morphius, which means you can actually order it online and maybe find it in stores outside the 410 area. 2/3rds of the tracks are Rod's own productions, as opposed to other DJ's mixes, which typically have 'only' 5-10 Rod Lee tracks.

"What They Gown Doo" - Rod Lee
One of the best of the countless Bmore club records out right now with Lil Jon samples, Rod spitting motivational lyrics (he's not a rapper or a singer, but he does vocals on his own tracks more than any other club producer), I got my mind right/on the grind right/don't let nobody take your pride/stand tall right/I have a master plan/that's gonna change the game/I'm a true pioneer/don’t make me say what’s my name?/yeah, I'm back/yours truly DJ Rod Lee/what you thought I was finished?/what you thought I was over?

"Dance My Pain Away" - Rod Lee
On the new Technics and K-Swift mixes this is called "I Got Problems", but the official title on this and Rod's new 12" EP is "Dance My Pain Away". Pretty much my favorite club track of 2005 so far, one of Rod's raspy singing joints and the most soulful, melancholy club track I've ever heard. The first time I heard it it reminded me of what he said in this interview (which coincidentally is also quoted on the Morphius page) (well maybe not really a coincidence since it's the only Rod Lee interview that's online): Basically, I tell you the truth, my music comes out of anger. Depressed anger that goes amongst everybody. You got people going to the club to have a drink cause they're mad at their females. You got guys going to club to get away from their bills. I just relate off everything. If you could sit there and make someone dance after they got divorced [laughter], I know I'm good! I seen females, before they get to the club, they done got their ass whipped. Go to the club, the music come on, they're gone, "I feel good; I needed this." You can explain Baltimore club as stupid or vulgar or funny dance music, and many people have, but it's a lot more than that, and Rod Lee understands that better than anyone.

I'm gonna dance my pain away
I got problems
dance my pain away
I got problems
like woah oh

I just got laid off today
what you think wifey gonna say?
I'll just have to hope and pray
rain rain go away
the repo man just hit me
can't get from A to B
fake friends around me
lord, won't you help me?
now I'm on my tippy toes
face down, eyes closed
dancin' to this melody

"What Chew Know About Down The Hill" - DJ Lil Jay, produced by Rod Lee
Lil Jay is a 14-year-old boy who DJs Baltimore club that Rod has taken under his wing and who does vocals on some of Rod's tracks. Rod seems to have big plans for him, like Lil Jay is gonna be the Lil Bow Wow of club music or something like that, I dunno. This song is one of my favorites, though. Pretty much every club track about being from down the hill and/or up the hill is great.

"The Bernie Mack Theme" - Rod Lee
It's Rod's beat from Tim Trees's "We Don't Love 'Em" sped up to club tempo! With some samples from the end of the Kings of Comedy movie.

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Yeah when I ordered the Technics mix with "I Got Problems" and it was probably my favorite song on the whole thing. It reminds me a whole lot of some of those old chicago house tracks, or songs like "Hold On" by Romanthony or something. Put your 9-5 up on the shelf.
nice roule/chicago house connection.
this mix is really great.
i wish it had my favorite new club joint...the one that's like "i'm too sexy for these jeans...face down, ass up, that's way i like to fuck"...but what you going do.
has rod lee put out any 12"s recently?
will these downloads be re-upped? anxious to hear lil jay after all the hype.
hey ari.
that song is "Face Down" by NEK/Blaq Starr. it's on K-Swift's Vol. 6 mix.

if you e-mail me I can send you the Lil Jay track.
can u please reupload dance my pain away? that is my shit. does anyone else think that bmore and dc should have dancing competitions? like we can do that footwork and they can beat their feet. like some rize type of shit
I don't reup the downloads on the site, but if you e-mail me personally I can send you the mp3.
wuts ur email so i can ask for the "dance my pain away" mp3
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