Sunday, March 06, 2005

the top ten most ridiculous samples/references in Baltimore club music

When it's not original synth riffs and vocal chants, most of the samples in Bmore club music are current rap hits (mostly crunk since the classic "I Don't Give A Fuck" remix; these days you're as likely to hear Lil Jon's voice on a club track as Rod Lee's, which is kind of annoying) and occasionally ancient R&B/pop ("Please Mr. Postman," "Charlie Brown," etc), but a lot of producers have odd senses of humor and make club tracks out of the weirdest/silliest pop culture detritus. It's hard to keep up with who does what, most of the time I hear it on the radio, and even on a lot of mix CD's the producers of the individual tracks aren't credited, but I put the artist/title for the ones I know:

1. Morris Day saying "let's have some asses wigglin', I want some perfection" in Purple Rain

2. the Barney "I Love You, You Love Me" song

3. Chuck Berry's "My Ding-A-Ling" (Technics - "Ding-A-Ling")

4. a little girl singing to the tune of "Get Low": "to the window, to the kitchen, I put hot sauce on my chicken, aww yo breath is kickin'"

5. a guy re-singing the Big Pun "Pakinamak" skit (King Tut - "Back of the Ack")

6. "Uncle Fucker" from the South Park movie (Samir - "Uncle Fucker")

7. the guy from Chappelle's Show saying "I'm rich, bitch" (Technics - "I'm Rich")

8. Redd Foxx saying "you big dummy" (Rod Lee - "You Big Dummy"

9. William Hung singing "She Bangs"

10. that Eamon song

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i always thought the b-more "dora the explorer" theme was pretty ridiculous (although the south park-sampling "suck my balls" kind of works)
"Everybody young and old, learn how to rock and roll"
the Three's Company club mix is pretty out there. DJ Frie made a Christmas B-more club mix cd complete with Rod Lee-style holiday songs/interludes (think synth horn stab Jingle Bells). crazy.
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