Sunday, September 19, 2004

Despite the fact that Def Jam has yet to give Baltimore's Comp a release date or a significant promotional push, they have made him a character in their new video game, Def Jam: Fight For NY. Weird.

Also, this is Comp's official website, and this is the website of the clique he used to run with.


in def jam vendetta there was a character named pockets!! comp's dad's nickname, right!!
they got Fam Lay in there and he's not even on the label anymore.

is the game any good?
I dunno, I haven't played it. the previews I've seen aren't that promising visually, they made most of the rappers a lot more muscular than they are in real life and it looks kind of silly. there are a LOT of playable characters on this one that aren't from NY or even on Def Jam.

and haha yeah, Pockets is Comp's dad! that's weird. I forgot to mention, he also has a song called "Comp" on the FFNY sdtk.
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