Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mullyman - Mullyman Vs. The Machine (DJ Whoo Kid/Shadyville/Major League Unlimited)

This blog's definitely been too dormant lately and there've been a lot of good mixtapes I need to catch up on and cover here, but first off I should definitely touch on Mully's latest mixtape, which was hosted by DJ Whoo Kid and has really gotten his buzz up to a new level it's never been at before. Cool thing about this is that it's not even a freestyle mixtape, lot of original beats by DJ Booman and MBAHlievable, with only one or two songs recycled from previous releases, so it's almost like a whole new album less than a year after Harder Than Baltimore. You can download it at

Mullyman - "Star Wars" (mp3)
This one really jumped out at me as a favorite right away, along with "Greatness" and "Show Da World."

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