Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Smash and Caddy Da Don - Best Of Both Sides (DJ Reddz)

It's funny, obviously there are a lot of crews in Baltimore hip hop and a lot of collaborations happening, but I don't feel like people around here have really embraced the concept of duos and projects with 2 artists working together enough, that's always one of my favorite types of projects in rap. I think I particularly like this because Smash and Caddy Da Don are two artists that I have to admit I don't particularly love hearing a whole solo project from, they're alright but don't really hold my attention, but hearing them kinda work together on the same wavelength, they end up with something that's somehow more than the sum of its parts. They really went in and got some good producers on the project, too, with beats by D. Banks and E Watts and Spielberg, guest spots by Comp, cover art by Skarr Akbar, mixed by DJ Reddz. You can download it at AllBmoreHipHop.com.

Smash and Caddy Da Don f/ Street Scott - "The Way I Get It" (mp3)
This track was produced by and features the rapper/producer formerly known as Street Heat, who runs with PenDragon's Team Arson crew and has done tracks for Dipset, and he recently changed his handle to Street Scott. That kinda freaks me out because one of my best friends in high school, really one of the people that got me heavy into hip hop, is named Scott Street.

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