Saturday, October 16, 2010

Things are going to start moving a little slower around here on Gov't Names, which isn't necessarily something that's worthy of a post or a big announcement, but I just wanted to make a quick note of it. For 5 of the last 6 years that this site has been going, I've been pretty driven about putting about new posts pretty much every single day, with occasional hiatuses during the holidays or when I was traveling or dealing with a major life event like going on my honeymoon or having a baby. But in the year since I had my son it's definitely been harder to keep up with the grind, and as much as I love the site, I make no direct income from it and when I don't have a lot of free time it starts taking my attention away from more important work. At the same time, I love this site and what I've built over the years, and I appreciate that there are people that check this page every day and I like them being able to count on something new to see or hear here every time they stop by, and I always hate seeing good blogs die a slow death as posts get less and less frequent. So I plan on continuing things much as they've always been here, but there just might be more time between posts, or I might emphasize quality over quantity. I used to try to cover every piece of music I was sent, but I get so much now that that's pretty much impossible, and I never want Gov't Names to be one of those zombie blogs that just posts music without listening to it or offering any kind of commentary or critique ever. It's also been frustrating that people have gotten more demanding about having their stuff posted right away, and sending incessant follow-up e-mails that just make me want to delete their shit and not post at all. And people used to e-mail me event flyers I could post, now they just tag my name on Facebook on graphics that are too small to read the info and therefore not worth posting here, which means I haven't been able to keep up with event announcements like I used to. But I'm ranting, the point is posts probably won't be daily anymore, but hopefully Gov't Names still has a lot of life left in it.


U gone beyond the call of duty for the bmore scene of hip hop, u views n opinions r ranked high amongst local artist & consumers..Even if u do slow up or never make another post I def appreciate all reviews u done for me & others (sn: if it weren't for govt names it's sum artist I wouldn't have even heard of clearly)...Take ur time & enjoy the new family life clearly!!!

Mike Malachi
I guess i"ll NEVER get your opinion on Supe and Nummy, but thanks for keeping me in the loop.
haha the Love Meds guys? don't know what your fixation is with them is but it's like I said before, I heard a handful of tracks like a year ago that I was pretty much indifferent to, so until they drop a full-length project I'm not gonna go out of my way to hear and/or cover them.

but seriously I hope you don't get the impression I'm stopping or anything, and maybe I shouldn't have posted this big long, but I'm just saying the days of 3-4 mixtape reviews a week are over, not that I'm not gonna be posting at all.
Okay, I hit you on Facebook, I don't think you knew who I was because of my name. But I've been wanting to write for a while, and I'm starting. Well, I made a false start a while ago and I'm back and gonna do it seriously. Sooooooooo, and I bit the name but who cares, right??? I'm just gonna write because I love the music.
yeah, your comment on Facebook was super confusing. and yes, your blog should have a better name and I couldn't remember who it was. and "October's Very Own" is a super wack name and you shouldn't bite it, maybe you can change it before you get too used to it.
I'm just gonna stick with the name, because after all, it's not the name that counts. I mean, I would've never guessed that your blog was what it was by the name.

But, I'm just gonna keep writing and try to promote it's existence through hand bills and such and hopefully develop some kind of following.

Wish me luck!
Names are important, though, and it's better for a name to be unique, memorable, and easy to make into your own brand than for it to be descriptive or self-explanatory. No disrespect at all to All Bmore Hip Hop or Bmore Vibe Magazine, much love to those folks, but I've never understood why anyone would take an established name in the field they're getting into and just add "Bmore" to it. You'll never get to fully own your own brand, in a legal sense or in the mind of the public, if you do things that way. Would you listen to a rapper that called himself "Bmore Young Jeezy"?
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