Saturday, October 02, 2010

Los f/ Dappa!!! Dan Midas - "Take Off" (mp3)
Here's a leak from the Shooter mixtape Los is dropping later this month, the first new track he's dropped since we at the City Paper named him Best Male MC in the city last week. And it features Midas from fellow Best of Baltimore alumni Mania Music Group, really cool to see these guys working together, didn't see this collab coming at all but it really works.

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see what going in on Los about his song game did? you hear the difference now? now he sounds like an artist and not a rapper
You can say whatever about dude but Midas went in on this one
lls at beacon taking credit.
haha yeah Bacon On Toast is really feeling himself, comments box superstar over here thinks his "constructive criticism" is making artists step their game up. shit even I don't have the balls to think that!
lol, watching SNL right now. Kanye didn't do the "fuck SNL and they whole cast..." verse on 'Power'. I thnk he did his remix verse as the second verse.

But yeah, back to Beacon's new byline, "using Gov't Names blog to empower emcees to step it up since 2010"
This song is great. Definitely going into my set list.
love to see these types of collaborations.

so unexpected, but then again...maybe not. Midas been the ish

and cut beacon some slack...while he may not be the motivators he is claiming and you all are disputing....I happen to be one of the folks that Los thought he was a far better rapper than he was. Note....not mentioning what anyone else thought of him. Time has a way of maturing us...glad to see the kid Los getting his shine.

C Love
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