Wednesday, October 13, 2010

John Regan - Sorry I’m Late (Culture VI)

I posted a couple songs by this can John Regan recently, including the second single from this album, which just came out. The list of names of guests and producers on here is pretty impressive for an indie artist (Marsha Ambrosius, Joell Ortiz, Skyzoo, Nottz, Needlz, 88-Keys), but as I've kinda said before, this isn't really in my wheelhouse of rap I like to listen to, it's all kinda earnest and bland, like you can tell he's a nice guy and he's really serious about this hip hop thing but there's not a lot of super memorable lines or hooks to keep me coming back to. See the Culture VI site for more info.

John Regan - “Breath Of Fresh Air” (mp3)
I love that line “maybe I’m not a hater, maybe you’re just bad,” that’s like my new motto.

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Every song you posted from this guy I've liked. And the cover art is dope.
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