Friday, October 01, 2010

The Baltimore Scene Networking and Promotion Team Presents
The 4th Annual Baltimore Crown Underground Awards on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at The 5 Seasons 830 Guilford Ave.

If you're an MC, Poet, Producer, DJ, Promoter, Manager, Club Venue Owner, Performer (of any type), Videographer, Photograher ..or if you do ANY thing in the scene.. Please Vote..
Send this form to (anyone.. feel free to repost form)

Baltimore Crown Underground Awards 2010 Voting Form:

Your role in the scene__________________
Facebook/Myspace/or Twitter address____________
**Pick the person you think should win each award and Please Give 2-3 line (or longer) Reason for each choice and email form to Base Answers based On November of last year to now.**** Votes without reasons/descriptions are discarded.

Hip Hop Artist of The Year:

Battle MC of the Year

Poet of the Year

Vocalist of the Year

Band of The Year

Best Underground Release

Graphic Designer of The Year

Best Baltimore Media

DJ of the Year

Studio of the Year

Producer of the Year

Photographer of the Year

Videographer of the Year

Manager of the Year

Promoter of the Year

Best New Artist

Under the Radar Award

Best Live Venue

Best Poetry Venue

Best Hip Hop Venue

*Golden Awards are awarded to Artists who ALSO make other contributions to the scene by providing services, outlets, resources, community service (Any Thing That Enhances The Scene)

Golden Mic

Golden Pen

Golden Stage Awards

Special Appreciation

Special Contribution Awards

Baltimore Legend Awards/Bmore Hall of Fame Award(Labtekwon, Ogun, Fertile Ground, Taalam Acey, D Chase, Vicious V, Mr. Wilson, Lo Key, Skarr Akbar, Comp, Brown F.I.S.H. Sonny Brown, K Swift) all already Hall of Famers.. so nominate people to join this list.. Thanks..)

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Brian Ennals for best new artist!!!

I'm STILL listening to his mixtape.

Anyway, my votes are in, good luck Al!
Hey, I won awards at this the last 2 years, I don't need another! I'll happily endorse anyone else competing with me for anything!
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