Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rickie Jacobs - Air Jacobs ( Good Life Reviews)

I first posted a song by Rickie Jacobs on this blog 3 and a half years ago and saw his potential right off the bat, so I'm kinda proud of the fact that he just released his debut full-length project and it's really dope and seems to be getting a lot of positive buzz online. He produces a lot of his own tracks and has some other good producers in his corner, doesn't really have the strongest voice or delivery but I feel like he's got a good thoughtful, humble vibe, got some good ideas, although sometimes it falls into that kinda sadsack synth pop Drake kinda shit I can't really stand. The single a posted a while back features Wordsmith and Artic, and the dude 2 Pistols from Florida also guests on the record, you can download Air Jacobs here.

Rickie Jacobs f/ Artic - "Last Flight Ever" (mp3)
Dope track, love the quick snippet of Blaqstarr's "Hands Up, Thumbs Down" that gets chopped up in there to rep for Bmore.

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Street Scott prod and featured on "Look At Me Now"

The mixtape is good, interesting beats and concepts. I actually dig his delivery, dude be on point.

Drag, Street Scott is something like an animal on them beats.
@Peat --- Im glad you and I know that --- now everybody else needs to get on point.

Fun Fact: That is not a sample playing on the beat. That is him singing during the verses and the hook
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