Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fuze B - Pardon My Sarcasm (DJ Schemes)

Fuze B is a cat from Jersey that lives in Baltimore now, and he's one of these rappers who takes his Twitter really really seriously. I tend to think that artists who get a little too heavy into the social networking tend to be wasting their time, but he posts funny stuff sometimes, and I have to admit it works on some level because I'd never really heard his music before but after following him on Twitter (and occasionally unfollowing him for a while because he really does tweet too damn much sometimes) I bothered to check out his mixtape when I saw it on It's a pretty low budget sounding tape, sounds like dudes just throwing on some beats and recording vocals in a hall closet or something, but Fuze B and the other rappers on this generally have good punchlines and sound like they're having fun with it, so it's a good vibe all in all. Al Great and Tonio From Da Top and a whole lot of other people make guest appearances.

Fuze B f/ Renaissance - "What's Ya Name" (mp3)
This is kind of one of the lighter tracks on the mixtape but I dig it.

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