Monday, September 13, 2010

CR DaShow - Mars (DJ Supa)

CR DaShow, formerly just CR, is a Baltimore-based R&B singer who's been kicking around the city for the last few years, had some songs on 92Q. has a pretty smooth voice and is versatile, does mostly real contemporary sounding stuff but you can tell he can kick it old school with some soul in there too. He's also involved in the Baltimore hip hop scene and has collaborated with a lot of rappers, sang on a couple tracks on the latest Mullyman album, and he appears on CR's new mixtape, as do Bossman and April Love. It's mostly kinda freestyles over industry beats, but I kinda like when R&B singers do that, since usually they use rap songs and have to come up with their own vocal melodies, so it's not as boring as when rappers just jack other rappers' flows on freestyles. You can download Mars on

CR DaShow f/ AD - "Put Me On" (mp3)
This track's over the beat from Tribe's "Bonita Applebaum." But the original song the drum break is from is Little Feat's "Fool Yourself," and the drummer, Richie Hayward, passed away last month and I wrote a piece about him on my other blog, Narrowcast.

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