Friday, September 03, 2010

Al Great - The Take

I first heard Al Great in the group Alevan collaborating with a producer, and when he subsequently released solo mixtapes I was always a little critical about him sounding more anonymous over industry beats and wanting to hear him back over good original production. Then a while back he dropped an album called The Heist with the producer Heist that seemed to get a good buzz, but I'd just had a kid and so I was kind of out of things and missed covering probably a few good records here that I might've otherwise, so I guess I slept on that one. But he just released this new record so I wanted to make sure I got to it right away, and it's pretty dope. Al Great's voice is kind of like Jay-Z meets U-God, which let's face it isn't the greatest vocal tone in the world to have, and those guys rapped on some of the greatest beats ever, so he's kinda that going against him. But Al Great does have good flow and some nice lyrical detail in his songs, and his producers Heist and E Hill have good ears for tracks that fit him well, definitely holds together as a solid album. Bossman guests on the single "Money On My Mind."

Al Great - "Stand Out (Ya Dig)" (mp3)
This one was an instant favorite for me, great beat by E Hill.

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