Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The video for DJ Gemini’s “D.M.V. Dream Team” featuring Mullyman, Bossman, Skarr Akbar, Smash, DC Don Juan, Gerreddi, Whitefolkz, and Kingpen Slim is finally online. There was a premiere party for the video in D.C. almost 2 months ago, and I saw it the next day when I was interviewing Mully and the director, The Grench from Sleepin Giant Media, came over and played it on his laptop, but the video wasn’t available to watch on YouTube or anything until this week.

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I like it. Makes the song sound better, lol, not that the song was wack, but it gives it that extra excitement.
Smash the only decent verse on here, Mully LOUD and wack as usual. Bossman act like he dont even wanna be on the song, sound like he made his verse up at the video shoot, and Skarr just wack period, talking bout Aliens and shit, where they do that at? Should have chose a better line up of bmore rappers, stop choosing the NAME over the TALENT
I know yall going argue me down as usual, but honestly. Can you really disagree with me saying this would have been alot of better if you X out those 3 and put Los, Barnes, and somebody else and I cant think of at the moment
I'm not gonna argue with you, but you act like you're all keeping it real and being brutally honest while you put down the same artists every time and boost the same artists every time, shit is boring and MAD suspect.
Take your beak off beac-on, cos you spewing hella trash right about now. WHAT? That kind of togetherness is what grabs outsider's attention enough to get b'more steady on the scene. From what I've seen in baltimore hiphop, these guys are heading in the right direction dropping their egos for a collabo, and a good sounding one for that matter. I guess you also lack the appreciation for the work they put in to make the beat, write the lyrics, record, mix and master the song, co-ordinate the artists, invest in the video and all else. Now do i really have to spell out who's really wack? Fans nowadays, if they ain't sucking d**k in the front, they doing something else in the back. Yo Al, where the mania shit at? I like those guys.
not true, I gave Bossman the blues overall, however I did say "All Over You" was the shit, and his best record (according to whats working in the industry). I previously gave SMASH the blues as well, yet I just said he had the only decent verse on this joint. Mully really is corny and wack, its not like im lying. Skarr really is boring as hell to listen too, you cannot tell me you dont turn on a skarr song and start day dreaming about other shit. You making me sound like a HATER which i am not. My sole purpose in giving it too these niggas like I do is because THEY NEED IT, they making the music they make because they think its ok, because people keep lying to them, I WANT them to make it, i WANT them to be the best, and lies are not gonna get them there. Do you think Diddy tells his artist "hey this joint is ok, but keep workin hard and you will get there", hell NO, I've been around Diddy, and he is WORSE than me. Have you noticed there are some artist i dont bother too comment on at all, because i see absolutely no potential in them, or either they just do not interest me at all. This is what pisses me off to make it clear, im sick of running into power players telling them "hey man you need to put these baltimore guys on, blah blah blah", they go on google and type in "Baltimore Rappers" or something like that, and the first thing Pop is a fucking Skarr Akbar or a dam Mully Man, because their BULLSHIT is posted on soooo many lying ass blogs and etc. Now imagine a world where only the top notch MC's were posted all over the place, and you google "Baltimore Rappers" and Bossman(with some actual good songs) Los or whoever. You get the picture now?...this particular video irritated the hell out me because its such a good look, with the wrong pieces, alot of ppl are gonna watch that video just because of what it represents, MBAH killed the beat by the way, but here go the bmore niggas with these lame ass verses, Bossman got on 100 chains that look like they came out of a quarter machine at stop shop n save, wtf man? doing this dumb shit because its being encouraged. We gotta stop giving them the "underground, on the come up" artist treatment, and put that same pressure and expectations on them that you would have for Jay-Z, because thats who the competition really is at this point, we are bigger than Baltimore now people, we not competing with the lil guys who perform at 5 seasons every week
"My sole purpose in giving it too these niggas like I do is because THEY NEED IT"

that's gotta be one for the pause hall of fame

"his best record (according to whats working in the industry)"

I hate when people say shit like this, second-guessing some vague idea of what's popular as a substitute for their own opinion

for the record, I don't particularly like this song, but I don't think the Baltimore artists on it got shown up by the D.C. artists or that the lineup is the biggest problem with it.
I like how Beacon dreopped the "I been around Diddy..." lol, funny.

I think we all agree it's nopt the best song.

And Beacon, taste in music is on the consumer, if Skarr wasn't making great music, it would NOT be posted everywhere. I just truly do NOT believe you can honestly say he is wack. Pursuit of Happyness is a dope mixtape. Mully and Bossman are arguable, Mully is like the underdog rapper, he doesn't have the best flow, skill, lyrics, wit, whatever, but he manages to make some great songs(Get Ya Life), and some not so great songs(the one with CR). Same with Bossman, but he's more style than substance anyway, he will kill just about any artist alive with the flow alone. I'd rather listen to him than a LOT of folk.

My point is, don't force your opinion(taste) on others, maybe we can get a remix(hint hint) with Los, Barnes, and COMP!
Smash and Whitefolkz killed it, so did Kingpen Slim
except for Smash, DC destroyed baltimore

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