Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mullyman - Harder Than Baltimore (Major League Unlimited)

By now hopefully you know Mully's 2nd album's been out for a few weeks, maybe you read my City Paper feature on him, maybe you heard that he leaked the album himself and it's out there for anyone to download (on DatPiff, plus a hundred other sites if you look), and if you really like it you can go to a store or iTunes and cop it officially. I already kinda said all that I can say about the album and a lot of the songs on it, which I've been posting here for the past year and a half. But I will just say, I think this is a big improvement on his first album and a good foot to put forward for anyone who's still on the fence about Mully or hasn't checked out his music yet, hopefully it'll get some good buzz going for him. This albums got a few features, the joints with Smash and Sean Paul that I've posted before, the big song with Bossman, also Nik Stylz and Lady D.

Mullyman f/ C.R. Da Show - "Fast Or Slow" (mp3)
This is one of two hooks by C.R. Da Show on the album and this is probably my favorite of the songs I hadn't heard before, kinda hits this nice vibe of being hip hop and R&B and club music but really just a dope song period.

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this album was horrible front to back, and "fast or slow" was the worse song on it in my opinion, his best song to me was "Party Walk" or "Greatest Alive". If there is any Bossman VS Mully competition still in the air, Bossman's album absolutely demolishes Mully's. I dont know what it is about Mully that makes him suck so bad. You can obviously here that he knows how to rap, but it still comes out terrible for some reason i cant quite explain.
It doesn't suck, because he has SINGLES!!! However, together, as a whole, for some reason it doesn't come out right.

I'm supporting the dude though cause I liked pretty much all the singles he put out leading up to the album except the Sean Paul joint. And your right about fast or slow, i'm not feeling that either.

But i swear, I gotta hear "Get Ya Life" at least once a day, lol.

Overall though, it's like he had all the right ingredients...I guess he just cokked it wrong or something.
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