Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bossman f/ Cleo-Merlo - "Jockin' My Cool" (mp3)
Bossman recently picked this as the 3rd single off The Re-Up, don't know if it's one of my favorites off the album but it seems like a good choice, I definitely like it more than "Break Me Off" or "All Over U."

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All Over > Break Me Off > Jockin My Cool

End of Discussion.
Off The Record > Oh > So Fresh > You're Wrong > Ayo > I Wonder > I Did It > Untouchable > Jockin' My Cool > Break Me Off > Hand Clap > Ghetto > All Over U'd take me a moment to put my line up together. But I did just listen to those old singles on that Bossman/Skarr Akbarr mixtape. I think mine'd go:

So Fresh > O > Off The Record > I Wonder > Ayo > Your Wrong > All Over U > You Already Know > Handclap > I Did It > Break Me Off > Ghetto > Untouchable > Jockin My Cool

Do Mully Next, lol
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