Thursday, August 26, 2010

Backland f/ 100 Grandman and Hunit Stacks - "All I Need" (mp3)
I was just making a joke on my Twitter recently about how it's kind of confusing and redundant that there are 2 rappers in Baltimore named 100 Grandman and Hunit Stackz (who used to be just called Stackz), but I have to admit it's kinda dope to see them on a track together and know they're cool with having similar names. I've probably posted more music from Backland's Block Work mixtape here now than in advance of any other release in the history of Gov't Names, but fuck it, he keeps trickling out these joints, and I like this, kinda has a "Rubber Band Man" vibe.

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the beat is a direct homage(bite) of Rubberband Man. David Banner's drums wee much better though.
so if I told u David Banner did the drums on it, would that still be the only thing you could come up with?
Nope. I'd just say he used the better drums on the other song.

Wouldn't you agree? Or you just can't accept someone saying anything remotely about the song? The song is aiight, it's just that the beat is almost the same as RubberBand Man. Just without that kick from the OG beat.
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