Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This week in the Baltimore City Paper I have a feature about Tony Austin, the former Def Jam A&R and Russell Simmons Music Group president who recently began a career as a rapper and released the DJ Drama mixtape Gangsta Grillz: The Influence.

(photo by Mark Henry)

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I JUST got around to reading the article. Work has been keeping me a little bit busy.

However, VERRRRRRRRRY informative article. i didn't know he was behing 100 Grandman, that is interesting to know.

I also did not know he was the one who signed Comp, which I would like to thank him for, lol. Anyway, i wish he would continue working with Comp, and maybe he is, who knows.

But again, great read, I wish him the best, I wish I could say I thought more about his Gangsta Grills, but you know, my disliking it won't kill any of it's momentum.
Tony actually posted a message on Twitter this week that he's starting a group with Comp, 100 Grandman and another rapper to be determined, so it looks like they will be working together.
*scrunches face* Now Hunnid and Comp do have a song together that was posted on allbmorehiphop called "Keep It With Me" and it's DOPE!!!

Hopefully he doesn't reveal the 3rd member as himself. I'm half kidding. I can't imagine who it could be, hopefully it's the producer D.Banks though, that dude gets it in.

Oh!!!!!!! I can see it being Supe!! I'm campaigning for Supe.

Al, you need to get up on TheLoveMeds(Supe & Nummy). I suspect you won't enjoy them as much as I do though.
To clarify, Tony IS the 3rd member of the group and they're looking for a 4th rapper, or at least that was my understanding.

Do the Love Meds have any newer stuff than what I'd heard last time we talked about them? Still waiting for them to drop some kind of actual album or mixtape to really take another look at them, I like Nummy's stuff outside the group more so far.
I'm sad to hear that, Mr. Austin actually being in the group, but maybe I just need to give it a chance before I go being all prejudiced. I think 3 should really be the limit on groups though, but if they do recruit a 4th, i'm still looking at Supe. He has a good chemistry with Hunnid and he's hella creative.


Naw, TheLoveMeds as a group haven't dropped anything new that I know of but Supe does have like 3 mixtapes, my fave is TheUnusualSuspect.
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