Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mullyman's latest video, "Home To Stay" directed by The Grench for Sleepin Giant Media, is on the MTV website, song produced by DJ Booman and a lot of other familiar faces make appearances.

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even a person who knows nothing about music could see this is not a single, why the hell would you shoot a video for this? This shit not even close to a single, man?
I agree w/ Beacon again, a STREET single maybe, draw some buzz. But to shoot a video for this is stupid. And to me, Mully had soooooooo much momemtum going with his previous singles and then THUD!

I'm just confused, I was expecting something great at the intro, the beat was sounding epic, Booman was talking sh!t and then THUD.

On a much more positive note, I can't say enough about Mr. Bowman on the quality of his videos and the creativeness. Kudos.
I just want to be clear, an artist can't shoot a video for a song unless it is a "single" In the day and age of constant content to increase fanbase we shouldnt have done a video? I dont understand that logic, you have us confused with the old model of major label thinking. If you dont like the song thats cool but to say a song shouldnt have a video because its not a "radio" song is crazy. Actually this video is now #6 on the top 100, something that the previous "singles" never did. Maybe if the video was a youtube camcorder video you guys would have approved of it. Its a new day gentlemen, if you're going to do it, you have to do it big! just say you dont like it, but to say it is stupid is to me a stupid statement. Just my 2 cents

Okay, then lets just sasy I don't dig the song. The video is GREAT, but I really don't feel this song much.

Like, I just don't think this song belongs on an album. I hopee it's not on True man Story, is the album still called True man Story????

Anyway, I get what you saying Booman but I'm just doing my armchair A&R thing and I think the song is a step in the opposite direction.

In other words, i'm hatin on this song!
True Man Story wont be released until probably the end of the year, This song will appear on the "Harder Than Baltimore" LP....
As long as I get SOMETHING! And while I got your attention, whens the Dew Doo Kidz LP??????????
Doo Dew Kidz Lp is 60% done! I'm really excited about it! Look for it towards the end of the summer.
This shit suck, FLAT OUT, Boo Man can make all the excuses he want, it doesn't change the FACTS.
I don't make excuses homie, you are entitled to your opinion and you definitely wont get me to go back and forth with you on a blog about what's hot and what's not....I was replying to the statement you all made about the right to shoot a video to a song because its not a single....You didn't state a fact yet sir! Don't like it don't buy it or listen to it...the power of free speech is great....I don't even consider you a hater but you are walking the thin Just for shits and giggles, what do you consider a "single" i would love to hear your opinion.
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