Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bossman - The Re-Up (1Up Entertainment)

Obviously, Bossman's second official album has been a long time coming, and as a big fan of his first, 2004's Law & Order, I'd been really looking forward to it. A few weeks ago, I sat down with Bossman and Nieze from One Up to listen to a rough cut of this album, and wrote a preview for Splice Today. But I didn't get to hear the full finished product until it was released this week, and it was interesting to hear. Some songs sound better now, some sound worse, and there are a few things that weren't there the first time I heard it -- in particular, I didn't hear the song "Dessert" in the preview, and it's probably the worst song on the album, so I could've lived without that addition.

Overall, though, I'm pretty happy with the album. I think Bossman at his best strikes a balance between brash, commercially minded hip hop and something a little more thoughtful and personal, and in the years since Law & Order a lot of his singles and mixtapes have tipped toward the former without as much of the latter. I still hate the first two singles off The Re-Up, "Break Me Off" and "All Over U" (the "Imma need pampers" song, haha), and it's not like I turn up my nose at all pop rap -- they're just not good pop rap, too obnoxious and not catchy enough. Like, the "So Fresh" record he did a few years ago, I loved that, wish those songs sounded more like that. But fans of "Off The Record" like me will find a lot to enjoy on this album, especially "Pain" and "2XLife." And as usual, the One Up production is really on point, those guys have really grown and continued to improve and diversify their sound. The Re-Up has a lot of Baltimore guests, including Smash, 100 Grandman, Keys, NOE, Dollars and Paula Campbell, and the album's out now on iTunes, and in Downtown Locker Room and other retail stores, although the place I got it where it seemed to have the best price is the Amazon mp3 store.

Bossman - "2morrow" (mp3)
Bossman had called this song "Today" during the preview, so I got the title wrong in my article, but this is really one of my favorites off the album.

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The Re-Up was a dissappointment, Bossman constantly talks down about the other mc's in town like they are beneath him creatively, claiming he is Charm City's KING, and he made the biggest moves ever as far as industry goes (and that's bullshit, because COMP did it bigger than you sir). I Believe the re-up has 20 joints on it, and out of 20 he delivered a maximum of 6 solid joints. Dont sound like no KING shit to me, a Prince maybe, Bossman as a rapper is that nigga in gym class that can jump high as hell but just can't grab that rim. A King would have made 10 joints on par with "All Over You" (which by the way AL is hot, you crazy for not seeing the potential in that record) and 10 joints on par with "2morrow", pleasing both side of his audience, then I would not even be able to argue with him calling himself KING of Charm City, but oh well, it was good run son son, you put up a long good fight, time to "step aside and let the pros thru" (dont know why that dumb ass song stuck in my head...altho it would work$$$). Bossman need some new company in the studio, he obviously has no real friends for letting him call that his official album, then talking all that garbadge online about how he been running bmore for the past decade trumping the competition....Bossman were you in a coma the past 10 years? You drop 1 hot song a year, and plenty of weed plates for mixtapes...but you run this town? I wanna see where this guy SCANNED 40,000 mixtapes at, I wanna see documentation, because if you claiming 40,000 mixtapes sold out the back of a vehicle for two dollars a pop, thats FAR from impressive, hell even Skarr Akbar can sell 40,000 mixtapes out of a trunk for 2 dollars. I hope for the sake of all the energy you put into making yourself the HYPE (not king) of this town, The Re-Up does crazy numbers and you make a nice piece of change, because once the people get THIS CD at a REAL PRICE, you goin have to do alot of apologizing, and excuse making. Man I would rather 100 Grand Man call his self KING before this nigga, and 100 Grand cant even rap that good, but dammit his wack to hot ratio TRUMPS Bossman's by far. Bossman just an ole bitin ass nigga anyway, taking songs from the underground scene and putting his lil spin on it, "All Over You" is just 100 Grand Man's "I Got More Money Than You" flipped, just like that song he made "AYO" which was just Mully Man's "Thats the sound" flipped.......BUT HE DA KING THO?....fuck outta here
"All Over U" has been out for, what, 6 months already? If it was a hit it woulda hit by now. All I'm saying is, the poop/shit/toilet/etc. punchlines were occasionally funny and unexpected when Lil Wayne did 'em, at least before he ran them into the ground. Someone else saying they need to wear diapers 4 times in every chorus is just kind of gross and sad.
Yeah, the album wasn't what i expected, and the song that SHOULD have been a hit, he ruins on the second verse. "Where It's At" is a shame.

The album is solid to me though, you can see the evolution from the first album. My only knock is, since the major label thing didn't work out, he should have put out a harder hitting album. Anyway, I copped it and i'm still proud of the dude, he came a long way and he still does his thing.

And Al is right, that pamper line, maybe if he said it once on the hook, but it's just funny to me, too.
yo peat call me asap... 443-739-0152
All Over U would be a Hit if a Major was behind the record. If someone says that this isn't a good album it's hate.

Let's be real how many major label artists have put out a quality albums like this. You can count them on one hand. He has so many good records this the album.

I also understand why straight Hip Hop Headz wouldn't like 'All Over U.' You can't appeal to every Hip Hop demographic in every song you make.

If Bossman ever signs with another major he will be a superstar. I haven't seen to many Rappers that is as consistent as Him both locally and nationally. He is a great Songwriter. Not to many rappers can say that! Real Talk!
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