Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Height With Friends - Bed Of Seeds (Friends Records)

This is very much a continuation of the sound and format of the first Height With Friends album, last year's Baltimore Highlands, although I think it might also be a refinement and improvement on it. And like most Height albums, it's short and to the point, with most songs averaging 2 minutes each and the whole thing lasting less than a half hour. One of the things I really like about Friends Records, the new label putting out this album, is that they're pressing everything on vinyl. Over on the Band Camp page for the album, you can listen to some tracks and order the LP, and the release party for the album is this week. Also, last week I posted a video from the album, and talked about the album a bit in my WYPR spring music podcast.

Height With Friends - "Cold Crush" (mp3)
As Height's records have gotten kind of increasingly weird and diverse and less overtly hip hop, I'm glad that he still occasionally does songs like this that directly pay tribute to his old school rap influences.

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