Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trey R. - Tetris

In my unhappier moments of listening to mixtapes for this site, I feel like I'm going down a mental checklist of all the cliches, rituals and trends that get checked off in the course of the record: a) AutoTune, b) references to "swag," c) references to Twitter, d) promises to "change the game" (uh, how you gonna do that if you sound like everybody else?), and so on. This is definitely far from the worst mixtape I've heard that's given me that feeling, and there are some cool synth beats that have kind of an original feel, but man I wish artists realized how anonymous and generic those things make them seem. I would talk about who this guy is and what IS unique about him, but I didn't learn any of that from listening to this. You can download this mixtape at Trey R.'s Myspace.

Trey R. - "The Confidence" (mp3)
This one kinda bangs.

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