Saturday, April 24, 2010

TestMe - In A Lane By Myself (Power Hitter Records)

I kinda laughed when I saw the title of this mixtape because I've been complaining for years about how TestMe copped his whole style and voice from Lil Wayne. But I have to admit, he's been doing that raspy chuckling punchline Weezy knockoff style for so long that it's kind of organically drifted off into its own thing at this point, all the more distinct because Wayne himself drifted off in a different direction. So yeah, TestMe kinda is in his own lane now, and really in terms of the Baltimore scene he always has been, really one of the only rappers in the city who's really young and marketable but still pretty lyrical and accepted by a lot of the older cats. This is probably the best mixtape I've heard from him to date, solid production and songs, it features guest appearances by Bossman and Smash, and you can download it at

TestMe - "High" (mp3)
The credits on the back cover just say that the original beats are produced by Lace & Kid D, Speilberg and Menice Explicit, without specifying who did which tracks. But man, whoever did this beat deserves props, it's awesome.

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Test has been one of my favorites for a long time. I have every UA Mobb and TestMe mixtape out. Its weird, like they aren't the best, but they aren't the worst and I've been down with them forever. Kinda like dedication I guess. I guess them being from Brooklyn and me being from Brooklyn, its kind of a pride thing. I can't explain it.
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