Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sean Toure' - "My Time" (mp3)
E Major f/ Hezekiah - "Nuthin' Nice (Sean Toure' Remix)" (mp3)
Sean Toure' has a free record called the Remix Project up on his Band Camp page, a little project in advance of his official album Soundchanneler, The Invisibleman dropping this Summer. It's mostly remixes of well known songs by national artists, but he also includes some remixes of Baltimore artists like E Major, and his own solo track "My Time," which is from 2006 and has been floating around for a long time and is really good. I'll be honest, though, I think it's kind of a waste to use all these beats for unsanctioned remixes of mainstream tracks, Baltimore rappers should be lining up to buy these tracks from Sean.

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I love his Nothin Nice remix, he put some UMPH! into what i thought was a boring song. No diss to e-major, he got some joints, I just always thought Nothin nice was a Debbie Downer.
can't wait for sean's official album to be launched. he's putting life into dead music, i suppose. pretty tight arrangements was done with nuthin nice, the maturity of music plus the gravity of the song's flow to the listeners (based on what I've heard)is definitely one to be watched out.
This is a great album from one of Baltimore's best! I love what Sean does on the mic and beats with this album. To me Sean is the most slept on artist in Baltimore. I think Al missed the point of the album with this review. It seems that Sean did better by not working with too many Baltimore artist on this project. It shows that he could work with a diverse group of artist in the industry from The Roots, Michael Jackson, to 50 Cent. Who would you rather hear him do a song with Sean Price or some local rapper that sells no units. He would have waist his time working with a local. Great work from Sean!
I didn't review the record...because it's not a 100% local rap record...I just posted a couple tracks from it that have local relevance...and while I'd love to hear the guy work with mainstream artists, I don't think it's at all a waste to work with other local folks...otherwise I wouldn't do this site.
"He would have waste his time working with a local" This comment is whack as hell man. Do people really think you just become national over night? EVERYONE starts local from Michael Jackson to van halen. There’s a lot of potential stars here, I hope ma'am you take out some time to get familiar with some of them before making a comment like that again.
Of all the examples you use, you say Sean Price??? Now Sean Price is NIIIIIIIIIICE, emphasis on NICE. But then you say compared to a local artists that moves no units. In the grand scheme of things, Sean Price doesn't move units either, lol. I just found that funny you name drop TheRoots, MJ and 50 in the same breath.
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