Sunday, April 04, 2010

Reina Williams - Full Circle EP (Reina Williams Productions)

Reina Williams is a female rapper/singer/producer that I first saw live a couple years ago and have kind of regarded as an interesting, unique artist worth keeping an eye on. Recently she's been playing a lot of acoustic shows on a singer/songwriter tip, mainly a regular gig at Joe Squared, and I reviewed a show at Peace & A Cup Of Joe on Noise. I also checked out this 8-song EP she has available on, and it's pretty good, kinda sums up how all over the place her talents and aesthetic are -- some of the songs are kinda modern R&B, some are weird grungy alt-rock, some are more hip hop, with guest appearances by local rappers like Only and Chyna Doll.

Reina Williams f/ Only - "Just Move" (mp3)
This is, of course, one of the more hip hop songs on the record, not necessarily my favorite, but it's always good to hear something from Only, that guy's always impressed me live but I haven't heard a lot of recorded work by him.

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