Monday, April 05, 2010

Here's the video for Mullyman and DJ Booman's "She Hurtin' Em" that's gotten some plays on MTV Jams. It was directed by Tabi Bonney, who's done much better work before in my opinion, the editing is so erratic on this that all the flashing cuts give me a headache.

And here's Mully's 'official street video' for "Imma Be More," which was directed by David "Super Dave" Manigault, and in my opinion looks (and sounds) way better than the video that got on TV. Obviously this is the original solo version, before Bossman jumped on the remix.

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RE: "She Hurtin 'Em" Thats what EYE said!!!!

I don't like the cuts. I see the reason, trying to play off the percussion, but fuck that, it's too much.

But BIG UPS for getting on MTVJams!!!
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