Tuesday, April 06, 2010

B. Rich - Traffic Art

8 years after “Whoa Now” briefly put him and Baltimore on MTV and the Billboard charts, B. Rich is still grinding independently, still making albums. And after a few years when I think he was spending more time in Atlanta, he’s back to focusing on his hometown. His latest album, Traffic Art, still kinda sounds more like Atlanta than Baltimore, or at least not much like his early stuff. I mean, most of these beats sound like they could’ve been on a Jeezy album, which on one hand means the production values are pretty high, but I’m also not sure it’s a sound that really fits B. Rich’s vocal style. That Born Rich album a few years ago was a much better attempt at fusing his style with something a little more serious and a little more underground. You can download Traffic Art at AllBmoreHipHop.com.

B. Rich - “Brotha In Blood” (mp3)
I like that pretty much this whole song is based around "dug" (the Baltimore pronunciation of "dog").

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