Sunday, March 28, 2010

This is The Boy Blesst's 2nd video off the Charmicidle album, for "Dun It Again." The first video got a lot of positive feedback, and this one's pretty different, but also a really good job by M1 Films.

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I like this
I like it, i'm almost convinced!
thumbs up
The new Lp droppin May 1st....
A lil somethinfor the people who really don't know me and aren't still sure if I GOT IT...
Charmicidle Available on Itunes Now!

Thank yall for the support!

very creative video concept...I love it! 2 thumbs up!!
You def did it up once again wit this one big bro!!! To me personally I feel as tho its disrespectful for anybody to put u anywhere under top 5 status in the city!!! Most really aint got much to say but the s.o.s., you come wit consistant, positive, and realistic messages every time with your music and aside the music you impact so many keep up the good work fam u def on your way!!! ~B-More Ben~
Yeah...when Chin-Yer asked me for my top 5 recently, I made a point to mention Blesst.
hands down the most distinctive voice -which adds a unique quality to his music.

c Love
Blesst is definitely one of the best and most underrated rapper in the city right now. I got that Charmicidle album and the shit is fire. I'd like to see him blow but I don't see him compromising his talent to industry standards.
Another ground breaking video tough!!!!
VERY talented artist! Charmicidle cd is a BANGER! keep em coming..hands down the next best artist coming out!
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