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Gabbo - Streets Of Jupiter (New Tribe Entertainment)

One of my biggest pet peeves about rap these days is how lazy cats will be about signifying that they're 'weird' or 'creative' without actually saying anything especially strange. Like, they'll talk about spaceships and stars, stuff that anyone who's ever been through 3rd grade or watched television knows about, and act like they're all off the wall and crazy just for talking about anything besides regular hip hop topics like cars, money, etc. (I guess we should blame Lil Wayne? He actually is an odd guy, at least). Having said that, I like this record, but it's a classic case of this syndrome; 99% of Gabbo's subject matter is completely garden variety rap shit, but because he's got a planet on his album cover he tries to sell himself as a weirdo, when he's really just a solid, no-nonsense '90s-style MC. At the very least, though, he named the intro track "Captain Butnard Speaks," which cracked me the fuck up.

Still, I have to admit the goofy cover, and the rapper's name reminding me of a classic Simpsons episode, made me stop and look at this CD when I was flipping through the misc rap bin at the Sound Garden a while back. They keep a lot of local stuff there, so I'll always kinda browse and check out anything unfamiliar or independent-looking to see if it was made in Baltimore, and this one had a couple familiar names in the liner notes on teh back cover, namely Street Legal Studios and Ms. Tris Beats, so I went ahead and copped it. And it's pretty good! Again, he's on some meat and potatoes classic MC shit with just a little bit of eccentricity thrown in, but it works and the beats knock more often than not. Check out Gabbo on MySpace.

Gabbo - "Fly Away" (mp3)
This isn't really my favorite track on the album, and he says some bullshit on it that comes off kinda anti-Semitic to me in the 2nd verse, but it's the single available on iTunes and since this CD always fucks up my computer, it was the only track I could get online to upload.

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I checked out his page I like what I hear AL, usually i agree with your reviews, i dont know homie i think you should give dude another listen, I dont think he on no spaced out martian stuff....AL Steed Pornstars
dam ,matter fact i read the second paragragh i feel u, they need to just market him as a real emcee instead of some alien shit
The album title is abstract he's not even talking about space too much, I took the streets of jupiter title as being left field. I think he's an amazing artist and an amazing rapper, this is my favorite album, local or not, I don't think you listened for real, he didn't diss jews on the second verse, he just talked about how they take care of their communities and black folks don't. Hands down you can't show me a better rapper, I just listened to black clouds on it made me buy the album, he's going to blow, I'm sorry if being critical can't let you see real talent, and the artform of this album.
why do so many ppl that "embrace hip hop" feel the need to tell black ppl what they are not doing. Im not trying to start no drama, but its not usually black ppl that do this. i think back to the asher roth nappy headed hoes comment "mistake". yeah right. he thought he was so witty.

rap was not created to open up the lines of communication about what black ppl need to do to better them selves. I doubt that it was created to expose all of the ignorance in the black community either. the fact that is does is more marketing and less art form or reflection of real life.

it was an artform that allowed those experiencing hardships to express themselves in the way it came to them without being held to the same standards that govern other mainstream artforms or disciplines.

its sso ad that rap allows the world to see the vulnerability of black ppl in a way that no other medium can...which is beautiful and should humanize us as a ppl more....yet as with every thing else in has opened us up to more unfair criticism. As far as I OTHER group of ppl on this planet are talked about in the way that we are despite doing so many positive and great things.

sometimes for this reason i wish rap would go away for a while.

and for the record we are so effed up in this country. NO ONE knows what the hell they are talking about when the say "oh this isnt offensive" or "that wasnt offensive" or that was racist or that wasnt racist. SPEAK for yourself. If a jew felt his comments were insensitive it probably is offensive. a non jew probably doesnt get it....

c Love
Well, for the record, I'm not Jewish, and all I said was that the line "comes off kinda anti-Semitic to me," not that I feel 100% confident in my reading of the lyric. I'm just saying the phrase "the Jews take our money" sounds pretty fucking sketchy in any context.
This is Bear of New Tribe Entertainment WOW Al i guess you wanted to be a rapper but never made it or you just like to try and make some drama.Check this out Gabbo is hott what you eat dont make him shit his lyrics are hot what.How about you check him out in the Source Mag in a couple of days if his was like you said some bullshit why is he all over the web he's on all hip,this is 50 ,nappy boy ,and many more just say you feel he's not for you but a hell of a lot more love his music.Instead of you trying to knock him down try supporting the man.You will never hear about him and the cops togather thats for sure. We have the hottest rapper .producer and a over all crew watch out for New Tribe Ent.
...yeah, you're at a Butthurt Level 5, and I'm gonna need you at a Level 2 at most. Are you new here, or just have reading comprehension problems? I said "I like this record," I said Gabbo is "on some meat and potatoes classic MC shit," (that's a good thing, if you can't tell), everything else is just me ranting and making conversation, because that's what I do. I have no idea why you're even bringing up cops, to be honest dude you're not making a lot of sense. But I bought a full-length CD from your label plus a track off iTunes, so count your change and let me have my right to mouth off about what I bought.
what was so wrong about what he said about jews shit we have some jews members with us who understood what he said its true.All the bad shit you hear rappers say today and you focus on one line that he said which was true.Gabbo was rapping about spaceships way before wyane you should do you homework before you speak out of that hole in you face.If you wanted to attack something attack lil wayne for telling young black kids its cool to join the BLOOD street gang or Jay Z bragin about how he use to sell drugs ,oh i forgot you wont hate on them because thier not local and he's famous. To finish Gabbo is on his way and you cant stop him thanks for the free PUB.
So Al, what's your favorite track? Have you heard Gabbos other 3 albums? If not how can you put him in a box and say he's a 90's style MC, he has a lot of different styles.
As I said in the review, I picked up the album having never heard him before. And as I said in the review, the CD wouldn't play in my computer, so I can't really name songs on the spot, I'll have to play it in the car sometime and think about it. And, uh, this is a local music blog, I hate on non-local music on other sites! Fuckin' duh, you guys. I've been much harsher about other releases here, and anyone who reads this site regularly knows the deal, so when you come on here rushing to one guy's defense when I didn't say anything all that bad, it just makes you look like a crybaby.
hi this is my first time reading your blog and i have been hearing good things about gabbo, when i was searching the web to see what i could find on him i came across this. I love his music. it doesn't sound like anything out now. to be honest i can bearly take listening to the radio. i wish it sounded more like the 90's then the crap that's out now. gabbo if you happen to see this... keep up the good work love your music hope you make it big!!!!!
Im new to this site first timer and I want to say sorry I missed understood you, yes you have a rite to say what you want thank you for buying the cd and off Itunes.I like this site keep up the good work and this site helps local rappers get noticed. Thanks
What the hell was this all about really? That's why we can't have anything b/c people don't appreciate things. We only have 1 real person reviewing Rap music in the City and yo's be tryna come across all wild, until this is gone too.
*dead* Is that Randy, JACKSON!?

Serious though, this reminds me of the tme I tried to call my co-worker's cell phone and mistakenly valled her house, her husband/boyfriend/live-in hustler was MAAAAAAAAD. Anyway, after calling me 3 times to argue, he finally called me back to apologize and thank me for making sure his wife/girlfriend/down assed chick had some lunch, lol.
PenDragon said...
What the hell was this all about really? That's why we can't have anything b/c people don't appreciate things. We only have 1 real person reviewing Rap music in the City and yo's be tryna come across all wild, until this is gone too.

Al courts the comments he gets Drag. He is not the "nice" or "sweet" reviewer. His reviews and comments/responses are often abrasive and raw. I am more surprised that he doesnt get thrown more shade. Not because he is a bad person but when you open yourself up by being the ONLY reviewer you court "HATE" ( I promise I will eliminate that word from my vocab soon).

I always took it as Al S. has BIG balls. His brash delivery is part of his persona......

so with this being said.....Al and anyone else that choosed to speak their mind with out regard for popular opinion should be prepared for a little bit of push back from time to time.

Al handles his b.i.z. the world is not coming to an end because someone doesnt appreciate what Al does. I say let the good times roll....from the outside looking in...the scene needs some excitement. Drama is awesome!

Yeah I definitely take the good with the bad and am not surprised with anything. I don't think Drag was really shocked or rushing to my defense, just laughing at the whole thing. Anyway I made a choice a long time ago, I can only write about things I love, or I can publish 80+ reviews a year and let it all hang out, and I stand by that decision. Still, it's funny how I have been so horrible about some records and those people have been SO nice and so understand and even-tempered about it, and then other people get sensitive about the most random, harmless comments.

Anyway this kind of drama >>>> catty scene insiders like what's-his-name anonymously throwing darts at people and making everyone paranoid, no question
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