Sunday, March 21, 2010

E Major - The Major Major Mixtape (Under Sound Music)

E Major has really matured into an artist to watch in the last few years, first with the Major General Mixtape, where I feel like he kinda got out of the typical underground rapper box and used some different kinds of beats, and then with the Majority Rules album, which really flowed well as an album and had a good variety of different sounds and topics. And this new mixtape is probably up to par with those, although to be honest I might not be as interested in it because it doesn't really seem to represent any new step forward like those releases did, it's just kinda some new tracks. Also, that "Unheard" song he dropped a few months ago, which at the time was tagged as being from this mixtape, isn't on here, and really I think E spit better on that song than anything that actually made it onto the tape. This been out since last month, but the release party is at this Tuesday's Always Dope, since the original date was postponed because of the blizzard, and you can download the whole thing on Band Camp.

E Major - "The Major Major Intro" (mp3)
In a way this track is aptly titled because it's really more than intro, more like a full on 4-minute song, E Major really kinda tells his story on this one and I think it's better than a lot of the song songs on the tape.

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