Monday, February 15, 2010

Street Heat - Found Nowhere! (Team Arson Music Group)

I've never posted about a Street Heat solo release here before, but I've posted a fair amount about other projects from his label, Team Arson, especially stuff by his labelmate PenDragon, who appears on here. Street Heat is mainly known as a producer, and has placed a lot of beats on records by Jim Jones and his affiliates. And probably the first thing I'd say about this record is that it's probably not what you'd expect from a guy named Street Heat who works with Dipset -- there's a lot of R&B and pop beats and singing and he really kinda thinks outside the box without doing the typical AutoTune hipster sing-song rap that so many other people are doing these days. I don't love it, but he's clearly just doing whatever the hell he wants and I respect that. You can grab this mixtape on

Street Heat - "The Illest" (mp3)
This is one of the many tracks where he raps over an R&B hit, in this case Justin Timberlake's "Until The End Of Time," and it comes out better than I would've expected it to.

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one of the most talented artist/producer i know....
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