Sunday, February 14, 2010

Over on Cocaine Blunts, Noz recently posted some cool '90s Baltimore rap oddities by 3rd World Assassins and Parafruit From The Bonedice. Any of y'all old heads care to kick some knowledge on either act?


DOPE!!! Being a resident "olehead" I can tell you that there has been a revival of Baltimore 90's hip hop groups with bloggers and vinyl collectors. I was 1/3 of a popular 90's group Amp Boogie and the vinyl we pressed up limited edition in 94 has recently sold for $100 - $250 in the collector world. Some Japanese collectors purchased a big bulk of my 90s bmore hip hop collection for top dollar. Groups like Sparrow,Labtek, Pen Powz, annex clik etc... are very popular. The funny thing is I have made more recently from Amp Boogie songs, than at the height of our popularity.
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