Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Boy Blesst made this video for "Nuthin' To Sumthin'" featuring Danny Boy, off of his really great 2009 album Charmicidle, in time for Black History Month.

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i like this a lot.... the visuals are great.. plus blesst can really rap...
I like how the older pics cut to the new scenes and it looks like he's walking on those same blocks and ain't a thang changed. Good job by the director.
exactly... heads really dont realize the impact the riots had on our city.... but yeah director did a very good job...
I Fuck Wit It, I Wanna Hear Him Over Some Professional Industry Production, Maybe I'll Reach Out Too Him And Make That Happen. Plug Him With A Few Cats
His album had some really solid beats, man. I'm not even sure "professional industry production" would be an upgrade since most of the beats on major label releases these days are cheap-sounding garbage, but if you know some good people to put him in touch with hopefully great music will come out of it.
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