Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Anything involved with Shaka Pitts is bullshit and I would not recommend any real artists participate. Shaka Pitts is a walking scam, his whole goal is too put everyone beneath him and make his weak ass posse of MC's (spitters club) look big when they all suck horribly. Please believe if you try to perform at a Shaka Pitts hosted show, you are GUARANTEED to have bout 100 AWFUL performers all linked to Shaka go on stage and kill the crowd before you get on which defeats the purpose of performing in the first place.
I mean pretty much everyone does shows or has a site claiming to be about Baltimore Hip-Hop as a "WHOLE" is pretty much doing the same thing kinda, but Shaka Pitts by far crosses line. I mean shit even AllBmoreHipHop's true goal is too put the spotlight on Ogun, his crew, and those affiliated. Ever notice how their songs stay on the site music player FOREVER and constantly keep getting switched back to the first song that comes on? Yet everybody else who has a hot song but is not affiliated or the current hype of the town, their song only lasts a day or two. Its all bullshit at the end of the day. Dont get me wrong, I fuck with Ogun, and I fuck wit him more than a lil bit, but come on man, yall making it obvious whats really goin on here, atleast ATTEMPT to look legit.
Tell me, Bacon On Toast, have you always been a cowardly passive aggressive dickhead who throws rocks and then hides his hand, or did you simply find yourself becoming one with the advent of the anonymous internet comments box?
Hmmmm....good question! I guess the answer is a little from column A, a little from column B. You know how in the movie Mean Girls (LOVE that movie) they have the 'burn book' where they write in rumors about everyone else? I kinda did that in high school too -- I guess that makes me a mean girl, tee hee! I've always been a complete and total pussy, but man, the anonymity of the internet just makes me feel like a superhero, I can say anything! That shit'll give you more confidence than a full bottle of tequila! Getting all this attention on a local music blog makes me feel like such a star, maybe I can make a career out of this, and be the next Wendy Williams! Actually, I kinda look like Wendy, when I wear a wig (I mean if I wore a wig -- OOPS!). Watch out, world, here comes Beacon, and this bitch is fierce! The Baltimore hip hop worst dressed list, coming soon!
"AllBmoreHipHop's true goal is too put the spotlight on Ogun, his crew, and those affiliated." WOW... JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE AN OPPINION DOESNT MAKE IT TRUE.... YOUR STATEMENT IS TOTALLY FALSE AND DISRESPECTFUL TO WHAT WE ARE DOING FOR OUR CITY...

(my last comment on this topic... thanks for your support)
To be honest, I don't think you even need to defend yourself or ABHH, if you actually look at the site and who's featured and who has songs streaming on the front page, what dude was saying isn't really true. Well, unless you go by the broadest definition of "affiliated with Ogun," which includes like half the damn rappers in the city, so what's the problem with that? But I might be biased since I never listen to the player on the site anyway, I just go there to download mixtapes, so I don't really care who's featured on that.

The Shaka thing didn't make any sense to me either -- I've been to tons of his shows, and most of them haven't had a lot/too many performers (especially compared to shows some other people put on), and if his goal is to up the profile of himself and his crew, it obviously hasn't worked because I've hardly EVER heard Shaka rap, barely have any idea who else is in the Spitters Club, and he's never asked me to give them any press. I mean of all the selfish, spotlight-grabbing motherfuckers in this scene, you're gonna call out Shaka and Ogun? What the fuck?

Anyway, for the record, Beacon's comments will be moderated with extreme prejudice for the foreseeable future, and if anyone else has a problem with that, please feel free to let me know. It's probably only feeding his ego that HE made me change my policy on this site (ooh, BIG MAN), but that shit isn't anything to be proud of: for almost 6 years I've been exceptionally hands-off with comments on this site, only really ever deleting them if they were clearly spam, and pretty much everybody's been cool and mature enough that I've been able to go on the honor system. So if he wants to act like a grown-up like everyone else, I'll let him comment, but if he throws more tantrums and keeps slandering people from under ths warm safe blanket of anonymity, those comments just go in the delete bin. And if any 'fake' Beacons want to post, I'll probably keep letting them, because I gave him his nickname, and as long as 'Beacon Of Truth' stays anonymous, it's just a fictional character that's my intellectual property. And if I want to let other people write that character's dialogue for my own entertainment, so be it.
Firstly, Thanks Al for all you do. Of course I'm thinking.. wth? We all know Shaka and Ogun are two of the most genuine and credible people out here. ...Both support a great amount of people/projects in the scene and not just one crew. The hip hop sites out here:,, etc are all great services to everything you and Ogun said. This isn't a facebook honesty box.. or formspring..if this person wants to say something about anyone or the scene they should say it using the name they go by in the scene...or hell... say it to the person directly..I would comment more but you already cleared up all the bs.
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