Tuesday, February 23, 2010

810 - Glass Half Full (DJBooth/2dopeboyz/illRoots)

810 and The Black Sunn are two young artists that I've been praising and posting music by here in the last few months, and a recently I met them briefly and got a copy of 810's newest mixtape that I'd been meaning to check out for a minute. I liked his previous album that I'd heard, Supply And Demand, but for whatever reason this one's been hitting me a lot harder, just a really solid record from an MC who has his own unique viewpoint and a good head for internal rhymes. The Black Sunn, who of course makes a guest appearance here, seems to be the higher profile of the 2 at the moment, but really both these guys have a lot of talent, hopefully will be making a lot of noise together and individually in the future. You can download this mixtape on DJBooth.net.

810 - "Too Young" (mp3)
This is one of the shortest songs on the mixtape and doesn't really have a chorus, but it's kind of perfect as is, great beat by Mydus and really smart exploration of a theme you don't really here in rap songs very often.

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I like this a LOT!

I wasn't feeling that 'Bill gates' you posted a while ago, but this joint is pretty dope, theres a lot of room for improvement and I'm looking forward to him getting better.

Def grabbing the mixtape.
Okay, so I've had the mixtape for a while now. Nice little piece of work. Really dense beats and good lyricism. He even does a good job singing a hook, lots of topics and concepts throughout. Plus, he always comes with dopelines seemingly out of nowhere, I like that they don't seem 'set up.'

However, my only thing is the flow gets stagnant as you have a very monotonous voice and it's hard to sit through the whole thing. I'd say add more features but the 1 feature w/ The Black Sun is possibly my least fave song on the mixtape.

I also like the way the Bow Wow/Ciara beat was flipped.

Next release/mixtape/whatever, I'd like to hear dude really confident and KILLING something.
lol that's just a sample of the same New Edition song that was used on the Bow Wow/Ciara record.
Oh sh!t, what NE song is that??? I figured it was a sample, though.
Song's called "I'm Leaving You Again"
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