Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tom Delay - Cases (Brake Fast Records)

A year or two back when I interviewed A-Class for Mic Life Magazine, he mentioned one of the upcoming projects he was working on with his label, Brake Fast Records, was an album kinda built around samples from the show "Columbo." I'd kinda forgotten about that by the time I went to Brake Fast's Always Dope even a few weeks ago, and the album it was a release party for, Cases, turned out to be that album. Tom Delay is a producer, and he did most of the beats on this and I guess kinda had the vision for the whole thing, but pretty much every track has a different rapper, including A-Class, Seph Jones, Ironsoul and Dirt Platoon. It's kind of a novel idea, using something like "Columbo" as a jumping off point to do crime rap from a more dramatic, cop show noir kinda angle than the usual gangster poses, kinda leaves more room for storytelling.

A-Class - "In Case I Find" (mp3)
As many amazing performances as I've seen A-Class give at various battles, I still haven't heard a lot of studio material from him aside from his one album, so it's always good to hear some new stuff like his 2 tracks on here.

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SHIT!! Thats a hell of a battle. DAMN! Both of em went at it!
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