Monday, January 18, 2010

Don Demenace - "Go Tango" (mp3)
Don Demenace is a young guy, I think about 18 years old, that's been e-mailing me and sending me tracks for about 2-3 years now, previously under his old name, Lil' Don. I'd never gotten around to posting any of them in the past, mainly because individual tracks tend to slip through the cracks with me unless they really knock me out right away, I only really make posting about full-length releases a top priority and he's never sent me any. But I've definitely been impressed with the content of his records for someone his age, a lot of his songs are pretty serious statement records or have some kind of high concept theme, like he had one comparing the commercialization of rap to the commercialization of Christmas, and this one is about someone losing their virginity to an escort and using the dancefloor as a metaphor to talk about that. It's apparently from a record with the awesome title Rap Sucks, Keep Snitchin'.

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