Friday, January 22, 2010

Beat Box presents SubSkript - The Era

Beat Box is a rap trio that was formed a few years ago that I've heard from here and there, and appeared in the Paused In Time documentary last year. This is their debut album (although I'm not sure why it's also credited to SubSkript, if that's another name for the group or what). The impression I always got, maybe mainly from their name, is that they're kind of an old school throwback group, and though they've definitely got some conscious lyrics and some old school flows, I was surprised to hear just how contemporary the production sounds, a lot of these beats could be on the radio, all the synths and claps. I don't love the record, it's a little bland to me and the rapping isn't real impressive, but I like the interesting combination of different aesthetics that are kind of colliding here. You can buy The Era on CD Baby.

Beat Box presents SubSkript - "Coast 2 Coast" (mp3)
I really dig this beat, interesting combination of acoustic textures in the beat that makes it really stand out in the context of the album, which is overall more synth-driven.

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