Saturday, December 05, 2009

Drebabes - Get Into Dat Drebabes Pt. 1 (Zone 3 Music/Team Arson Music Group/Hoodstruck Ent.)

A few months ago DJ Booman e-mailed out a track he produced for a rapper named Drebabes, and the guy had pretty much the most annoying voice I'd ever heard and almost every vocal tic and mannerism I hate the most in modern rappers, including sloppy enunciation, unnecessary shouting and Lil Wayne-style fake laughs at his own jokes. So I was pretty much so traumatized that I listened to it once and then tried for forget ever encountering it. Then, more recently, Drebabes e-mailed me a link to his new mixtape on DatPiff, and since I'd completely blacked out my previous encounter with his music, I ended up downloading an entire hour of it. But I'm a good little worker bee and sat through the whole thing and am here to tell you about the experience. And honestly, I'm not saying all this to be mean, because the guy was totally nice when he e-mailed me, and for all I know he could be a good lyricist or have some good ideas. I just really dislike the sound of this man's voice that it's almost physically painful for me to listen to. Maybe you disagree, I'm just putting it out there for you to make your own decision as always.

Drebabes f/ Street Heat and Cashus Clay - "Throw Up" (mp3)
This is probably my favorite track on the mixtape, Drebabes is on the 2nd verse. Whoever's on the last verse that says "this is my jam, naw fuck it, it's Smucker's," that shit cracked me up.

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