Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Blakroc f/ NOE - "Hard Times" (mp3)
Blakroc f/ NOE and Nicole Wray - "Done Did It" (mp3)
I've talked before about NOE's unfortunate tendency to try to distance himself from comparisons to Jay-Z while at the same time aligning himself with Jay-Z's enemies and former friends, and that pattern continues with his appearances on the Blakroc album masterminded by Dame Dash that was released last week. It's one of those awkward rap/rock collab type albums, with music by shitty blues rock indie band the Black Keys, and raps by a weird assemblage of whatever rappers will still work with Dame Dash, including Ludacris, Mos Def, and some Wu Tang cats. And of course Jim Jones is on here along with NOE, who guests on these two tracks, which are alright, even if the production sounds a little off to me. It sounds like Nicole Wray is saying "Baltimore has really got me down" on the chorus of "Done Did It."

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The Blakroc CD is out. I love it. Download all 11 tracks @ http://blakroc.seket.us
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